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Since time immemorial, music has formed and influenced lots of human activities. It has helped to strengthened, shaped the social economic behavior of the human race.

Ethiopian Music varies in genre and style as the artist themselves. Thanks to the fact that the country has been blessed by a diverse ethnic group, each contributes a different sound to the music scene.

Apart from deriving inspiration from home, Ethiopian music borrows some tunes from other African countries and its nearest neighbors.

Ethiopian music and rhythm is quite versatile. Recently, along the lines of traditional musicians youth have taken to singing hip hop and rap heavily influenced by traditional culture and Wollo.

Ethiopian people have been used to music in their day-to-day lives including in the church where they praised and worshiped (not forgetting the Muslim community). Among the prominent international artist is the singer Gigi whose specialty is jazz.

Among the key instruments used to make some of these heart throbbing symphonies include the chordophone, Idiophone, aerophones, membranophone and so many more others.

Despite the fact that the industry is flooded with so much talent some individuals have managed to turn necks around. They have stood up from the rest of the crowd and made a name for themselves.

Among them includes Tilahun Gessesse, Mulatu Astatke and Alemayehu Eshete just to mention but a few.

With developments in the technological world, the birth of the internet has given a major boost to the industry.

Lots of Ethiopian videos have made their way further away from home spreading its airwaves to new territories.

Inception of platforms such as YouTube and Addis live help to foster this spread as artists get to view what others are up to and link up.

According to statistics the now vibrant industry is worth several million dollars with many artists deriving a living from the industry.

What kind of music from Ethiopia do you like?


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